Building your e-commerce website for the first time can be challenging if you aren’t aware of where to start.

There are three online business blocks you will need to start with first!

A Website Address

You may relate a domain name address(website address) to a physical address location of your business.

In the online business world, a domain name address plays the same role. The only difference being it lets internet users tell what you are about and lead them to your online shop on the internet.

domain name-website-address-africa-ecommerce-giants

An example of a good domain name is; www.disrupt-africa.com. It clearly gives an impression that the website is afro-tech or related to technology and Africa.

Learn how we come up with catchy and relatable domain name addresses via this post we put together.


You many relate website hosting to the physical land the business shop is built on top of. the place services or products are sold. The “Web-hosting” space could be privately owned or rented space.

Translating that to your e-commerce business or online shop, you may have a Self-hosted website or Hosted website hosting.

Name Cheap Web-hosting

Know the difference between self-hosted and hosted website models and why we recommend choosing a hosted website services when starting to sell goods and services online.

Theme or Template

A website theme can be related to how your products or services are presented to the customer that walks into your shop.

In the case of e-commerce, it’s how your products and services are displayed on your online store/website.

Themes are free, others are for sell. The good thing with an online business, the community can use the same theme to sale unrelated products or services at the start.

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