It’s now getting common for SMEs and entrepreneurs to use SEO to let customers find their businesses, whether it’s an online business or brick and mortar business.

Getting our websites discovered online is something that is important to us. What most online business owners do not know is the number of other websites we compete with on search engines.

Once you search for results on search engines, how many times did you skim through to the next page results? We guess close to 3 or 0!
What that means is that is you are not putting in the effort to rank well on search engines, then internet users will not find your website or online shop.

So how do we get websites well positioned on the search engines? We do this using SEO techniques and tools. By implementing search engine optimization to your website, you will get well-targeted and most times high-quality traffic to your website, which will help position your site well in the search engines.

SEO is about a few things:

  • Keywords – The words used in a question or query in a search engine.
  • Links – The websites or webpages that link to and fro your website.
  • Relevance – The relevance of your website content to the “keywords.”
  • Visitor Satisfaction – Do internet users find your content useful?

Start by determining what keywords an internet user could use to find your website.
For example, A unisex fashion store selling shoes will start with “women’s running shoes” or “men’s outdoor running shoes.”

Keywords are shoes, running shoes, outdoor shoes.

However, that doesn’t mean you will spam your website with the keywords or key phrases. Use them in your online store content without being spammy because search engines will penalize or ban you.

Instead, earn search engine respect by doing it right, and they will reward you.

Build link exchanges with websites that are relevant with yours so targeted traffic crosses over to your website. Another way to do this is by getting listed onto directories, or other reputable sources of one-way links will help to position you better in the search engines.

WARNING: Do not get involved with shady sites that sell traffic. You will just get your website buried by the search engines.

Relevance is always important because the more relevant your site is to what users are looking for, and the more pertinent connections of your reach. Also, the more search engines will notice and reward you with better placement.

Besides, visitor satisfaction can play a role, because happy customers spread the word and share their experience with others, and that can help you to do better in the search engines.

Now that you have a better understanding of SEO, make sure to put it to work for you.

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