Choosing between a self-hosted service and a hosted website service for your e-commerce business can be tricky. The first thing to know is the difference between the two. 

Self-Hosted Websites 

These kinds of websites are built and maintained by the creator of the site. All security updates, bug fixes and troubleshooting are implemented by the creator of the site, and it is their sole responsibility to make sure everything is working perfectly. Here you use CRMs like WordPress with WooCommerce or Wix.

Hosted Websites

These kinds of websites are handled by an experienced person or third party. The expert is responsible for security updates, troubleshooting and any other task that keep the online shop fully functional. Here you use websites like Shopify and BigCommerce.

For those just starting out and are not super savvy with all the technicalities of building and maintaining a website, we highly recommend you build your online shop on a hosted platform. Handling the technical issues of an online shop should not take most of your time, especially when you have to concentrate on other aspects of your business as well. Today even experienced people are using hosted platforms, so they do not have to worry about building a website from scratch code, and of course their ease of use.

Advantages of using a hosted platform like Shopify to build your online shop:

  • No need for prior coding experience or knowledge
  • You have absolutely no serves to set up
  • Peace of mind about you and your customers’ security
  • No need to manually your online shop’s up and downtime
  • They offer domain hosting services.
  • Blazing fast loading speed for your website worldwide
  • Unlimited bandwidth to your online shop
  • Automatic back up of all your store’s data and information
  • No need of technical knowledge of running a website

Using a hosted online shop service keeps us away from the stress and frustration of dealing with complex technical and security issues that come with a self-hosted website. Shopify’s eCommerce service gives that peace of mind.

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