There’s a general misunderstanding that a well built beautiful looking website will immediately get you organic traffic. That is far from the truth. Getting good traffic to your site requires work from your side, and it will most probably take some time.

Imagine if you may. You build an outstanding brick and mortar shop just outside the city, and you keep silent about it, what happens is you end up with a fantastic store with no customers.

The same concept goes for your online shop or website, and if you don’t tell anyone about it, customers will not find your business.

Using proven traffic generating techniques that work and have worked for many is the way to go.

Here are some of them.

  1. Eliminate broken links from your website. It annoys those that visit your website and gets you penalized by search engines.
  2. Sign up and submit your website to search engine databases like; Bing, Ask, Lycos, Google, Alexa, Altavista, Dmozz and many more others.
  3. Optimize your META TAGS or META Description correctly.
  4. Utilize social bookmarking websites. Getting an entry into these websites can get your site ranked and easily shared.
  5. Share your website links via your social networks like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your target audience, and objective, you may need to choose the right channel. Social channels are compelling and can help build residual traffic at no cost.
  6. You may also buy traffic for your site through many channels. These can be costly, but highly effective when used correctly and adequately. Before you buy traffic, take time to study the different lingual and terms used, so you do not end up burning through your business capital.

Getting targetted traffic to your website increases the chances of making sales. So make sure you have an excellent CTA-Call To Action ready on your website.

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