As of My 19th 2020, Facebook users can now browse and order for products and services from business pages and Instagram profiles directly.

Both platforms had plans for e-commerce features. Instagram had the shop feature, and Facebook had the Marketplace feature which was limited to users to certain countries like the United States.

Now Facebook’s new business tool lets businesses create a full-fledged shop on Facebook Shops.

Since the beginning of the pandemic. Most users started relying on Facebook and Instagram profiles as a source of information on local shops, restaurants and even products. Now they are even able to make purchases without leaving Instagram or Facebook.

This is a major move by the social media giant. With the battle for the online consumer increasing, Facebook has played ahead of the rest of it’s other competitors in providing it’s users with better means of conducting business safely online.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes these features are here to stay and help many small businesses and consumers on Facebook and Instagram platforms. In the Live session he says, ” “I do think we’re going to continue living more of our lives online and doing more business online.”

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