eCommerce can sometimes be VERY complicated. To offer an over and above customer experience, retailers must incorporate today’s technologies with business functionalities that exceed what the customer expects.

On the other hand, however, website fundamental techniques still play a significant role in increasing conversion rates. Many e-commerce merchants lose focus on the basics that end up leaving substantial sales on the table. This brief eCommerce 101 examines four fundamentals every eCommerce merchant should not lose focus of.

Build for Speed

Due to the penetration of broadband, not many people have a fast internet connection. So when creating an eCommerce site, ensure that the website can load in less than 8 seconds. Make sure the total size of the page is not more than 2MB. Having a long load-time and page size will most likely lead to a high bounce rate (the rate at which people come and immediately leave). You can use GTmetrix to measure your website performance and tune it depending on what the results are.

Proper Product Imaging

Product images are one of the most aspects of selling online. Incorporate images with video, and you have a winning product description. Having good quality images is an essential aspect of eCommerce selling that you cannot afford to neglect. Images with a high resolution and small in size will be the most ideal.

Incorporating dynamic imaging capabilities can improve the shopping the experience, making conversions go even higher.

Make it Basic

Make it easy for the customer to complete their purchase without having too many pop-ups and destruction when they first land onto your site. Forcing them to sign up to your newsletter before they even get to see the product will surely drive them away to your competitors. The customers do not have the time to fill in lengthy forms, but if you do have a simple one, then that changes the dynamics.

Otherwise, the best way to capture these leads is to have subscription integrated into the checkout process.

Make sure you Announce!

If you have promotions going on, it is best to have your announcement bar active or even banner that lets your website visitors know as soon as they land onto your homepage. Having promotions below the first half f your homepage will cost you many sales.

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