Well-targeted traffic is what can either make or break a business. When that business is online, it’s what makes or breaks your eCommerce website. Having a well-built website or online shop is not enough, an eCommerce business cannot do well with little or no well-targeted traffic.

Relate your eCommerce website to a brick and mortar shop. If you build or set up your shop in a place that doesn’t have human traffic passing by. Then no one will step in your shop for you to have the opportunity to convert them into a buying customer. However is you decide to build your store in the busy places, malls or even just along the road. You will suddenly get considerable access to the traffic that will most likely come into your shop and buy from you.

The same concept applies to your eCommerce shop online with a little twist. For your eCommerce store, you will need to make sure the traffic is well-targeted so when they do come to your website, they are more likely to find the solution to their problem. Placing well in search engines and other internet places like social media will help create a flow of traffic to your website.

Working with similar websites that have content and serve the same traffic audience like that one whose problem you are trying to solve. Is another way you can get their website or blog visitors click on the links that bring them to your site.

Creating backlinks for your eCommerce website is an excellent way to bring in targeted traffic as well. These are considered to be two-way links according to search engines, and this is good. There are lots of ways of creating backlinks to your site, one of them is by taking advantage of article banks.

Today most websites use social media to bring human interaction online through various tactics. The most common one is the use of engagement posts that ask the reader or visitor to reply to a post or even follow the link to your eCommerce website. Traffic generation on social media platforms has a higher chance of responding to your CTA as well.

Driving well-targeted traffic to your eCommerce store in Africa is not as difficult as it used to be back in the day. With access to social media platforms and blogging communities around the continent, traffic generation has become simpler. The good thing with these two traffic sources is that you can demand the exact demographic you want to sell to on your website. Once they arrive on your site, the rest is up to you closing a sale.

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