During the lockdown earlier this year, our eCommerce business generated over $1000 within 7 days. But how did we do it? The lockdown was detrimental, but it was an opportunity for entrepreneurs to think. Many merchants got caught off guard to continue business even with the closure of their brick and mortar stores.

At Africa eCommerce Giants, we took that time to use three tools that helped us generate significant revenue within seven days in June 2020. We didn’t just generate the income, but we documented it as well.

Without wasting any more time, here are the three tools;

Business Manager

Suppose you are on Facebook for the social networking bit of it. That is perfectly fine, but if you are into business as well. Then this is the tool you need to set up all your Facebook business manager. It will help you stay up to date with your business (if you have a business page), access audiences that may be interested in your products or services, and even have a whole team work together in different roles for your business.

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Shopify is a tool that will let you seamlessly build your online store, add products and start making sales from the right target market. It enables you to bring your business online, backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales and manage your day-to-day. It also comes with marketing tools for you take the guesswork out of marketing to help create, execute and analyse digital marketing campaigns.

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Google Analytics

This free tool from Google will help you get the most out of your data with intelligent, detailed reporting and much more. Specifically, we used the enhanced eCommerce feature that allows retailers to understand pre-purchase shopping behaviour, product performance and optimisation.
This tool helps you see how far the shoppers go within your shopping funnel, where they drop off and understand what products viewed the most.

With these tools, we were able to generate a decent amount of revenue within seven days of lockdown with a product we barely touched or saw into a different market as well.

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