Planning an eCommerce business in Africa is like building a superhighway. Model and budget need to be approved before the lane paintings. Once those are agreed upon, then the project is costed against the:

– Project management 

– Hardware

– Web design and software

Project Management

All parts of the project have to be managed appropriately. Decide on who is going to take on this task and adequately plan out the whole process to completion. You can take it on yourself which we highly recommend, though you may send us an email to hi@africaecommercegiants.com and we will be happy to help.


You may either choose to manage your own server or get a hosted solution. The level of security and disaster recovery of choosing a significant service provider gives you peace of mind. Having to host everything on your own needs extensive expertise in the IT field, which you probably don’t have the time to learn.

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Design and Software: 

Site design 

There is no shame in using templates. Templates are easy to apply and use, compared to coding the whole eCommerce site from scratch. Your primary focus here is to make sure the site is easy to use and navigate. Think like a customer.


At least 3 solutions need to be considered. 

– Shopping cart 

– Email 

– Statistics 

Online Shopping Cart

There are many free shopping carts on the internet today such as WooCommerce, OpenCart and Drupal. However, they are complicated to set up as a beginner, so what we recommend is Shopify or BigCommerce hosted eCommerce sites with an already integrated shopping cart ready to go when planning an eCommerce business.


Email is still one of the top leading revenue generators in eCommerce and any other online business. As a beginner when planning to start an e-commerce business, choose an email service that has the following features;

  1. Free to use until a certain number of contacts collected is reached.
  2. Has automated response systems inbuilt.
  3. Easy to use and design email flow

We recommend you try Mailchimp, Aweber or Klayvio.

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We are living in the information age, and data is critical for business success. An eCommerce service with easy to read and prepare data analytics dashboards is excellent. So you may make data-driven decisions for your eCommerce business in Africa or wherever you may be in the world.

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