Internet traffic is the source of life for your website or blog. There are many kinds of traffic tips and tricks that you can apply and just as many traffic generation outsourced. Though you need to ensure is that you are getting traffic from the major our key traffic streams on the internet.

  1. Search Engines- These offer free instant traffic
  2. Shout Out – These offer syndicated traffic

Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is the most popular and influential way to drive internet traffic to your eCommerce store. SEO can generate for you free and organic traffic. Implemented correctly, your website rankings in search engines improve, which in turn generates more well-targeted traffic to your store.

Shout Outs

Shout outs generate instant internet traffic. They are the fastest means of generating organic traffic to your website or eCommerce store.
First, you will need to identify who in Africa has a following or audience that you are targeting. Then reach out to them, it could be an ordinary website or even an influencer in your city or a different country. If the shoutout is done right and correctly, your traffic will increase, giving you and the influencer a win.

These two traffic streams are what will get you highly targeted traffic to your eCommerce business. With the increase of internet users in Africa, getting traffic to your site is not rocket science anymore. All you have to do is use the above techniques correctly, and watch the magic happen.

Learn how to drive well targeted traffic to your new eCommerce Africa site.

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